George Shovlin & The Radars


George Shovlin & The Radars

George and his band members have played in various very successful bands in the North East since the 70s but after a long break the band has been re-invigorated. Although always remaining friends, each member needed space and time after a busy 10 years of live shows. They are back now, with a hunger, excitement and ambition to become the most powerful British blues band to emerge for years.

The band are George Shovlin guitars/vocals, George Lamb guitar/vocals, Stu Burlison bass and Kev Scott on drums.

Mike Bowen’s Blues Show, Point FM is quoted saying, “What a great voice this man has got….this is one of the best straightforward blues singers I HAVE EVER HEARD…. a fantastic voice, great musicianship, tasteful, yet creative arrangements of wonderful classic blues songs.”

See George & The Radars at The Storrs Hall Hotel on Saturday 24th March.